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Yuzu is a free open-source Nintendo Switch emulator produced by Citra Team, the same set of programmers that made Citra, the Nintendo 3DS emulator written about previously. The 2 emulators share a good deal of similarity in their code. It is officially available on 64-bit Windows 7 and over, in addition to 64-bit Linux hardware. 8 gigabytes of RAM is the bare minimum, although 16 gigabytes is recommended. MacOS isn't currently supported, but, as of April 2020, compatibility for the hardware is being developed; it is not currently known when this will be put into place. Yuzu is known to be user friendly. To play the many playable games lawfully, you are required to dump them from your own Nintendo switch. DLC and game updates can be set up, and this is known to be a very simple process. As for linking controllers for use, you will need to change a few settings, although the specifics depend on what game you're playing, as well as your hardware. With a mouse and computer keyboard works for games, and you can especially set up your mouse and keyboard for specific tasks.


One feature that Yuzu has is very like one Citra has (that has been written about previously). You may choose whether you would like to set up the Yuzu Nightly variant or the Yuzu Canary variant. Yuzu Nightly is a far more stable version of Yuzu that will be easier for you to use and play games with, but it does not have some features you may want available. The Yuzu Canary variant, in contrast, might not be as steady as Nightly, but contains a few attributes Nightly does not have available. Much like in Citra, these features are sometimes experimental; they may be eventually placed into Yuzu Nightly, other times they are left exclusively in Yuzu Canary, or, sometimes, removed entirely from any kind of available Yuzu software. Other times they are just features that only work with lesser functionality (Or brings the game's performance down), which explains the reason they are exclusive to the less steady variant (Yuzu Canary).