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We'd like to introduce the most recent resource to join the Hytale Junction community: Hytale Data!
What is Hytale Data?
Hytale Data is a server analytics platform for Hytale server owners that allows them to dive deeper into their metrics than ever before. With both in-game and income statistics, A/B Testing, market comparisons, influencer analysis, and more, Hytale Data provides the information necessary to help your community grow. Integrated with a clean UI and dynamic data visualization, Hytale Data will be a prime tool for owners to gauge their communities.

Why should I use Hytale Data?
Here's a full list of of Hytale Data's features:
  • Income Data
  • Game Play Stats
  • Competitor Tracking & Comparison
  • Influencer Management
  • Projections Based off Previous Data
  • A/B Testing
  • Complete Staffing Solution
  • Discord & Social Media Integrations
  • Embeddable Graphs & Charts
  • Team Members / Sub Accounts
  • Developer's API
  • Affiliate / Referral Program
How do I start using the resource?
Sign-up HERE to enter the beta testing.

Who should I message with questions?
If you have questions regarding this resource, please direct them towards @Alexzander Flores.