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Hytale Blog Breakdown - #15
Welcome to the Hytale Blog Breakdown, where we summarize all the latest news coming straight from the Hytale Development Blog.

Blog Summary:
This week's blog focused on showcasing how monster are designed in Hytale.
Key Takeaways (Zero Speculation, All Fact):
  • Skeletons will appear in three main variants: archers, mages, and warriors
  • Skeletons will become more difficult and change appearance as you progress through zones
  • The creature Crawlers were officially named and confirmed as void creatures from Varyn's army
  • The creature Void Eyes were officially named and were confirmed to summon allies when threatened
  • Diamond shapes on creatures, buildings, etc. are meant to mark the presence of Varyn and his minions
  • The creature Void Spawn was officially named and confirmed to be one of the stronger Varyn army creatures
  • All creatures follow similar pixel densities, block shapes, symbols, tones, and sizes to create a cohesive feel across Hytale
Check out the original blog post: https://hytale.com/news/2019/4/designing-monsters-for-hytale